Landscapes by Tidwell works with homeowners and businesses to provide landscape irrigation services to beautify and maintain landscaping. We factor in local weather trends and the layout of your property to enhance maintenance with sprinkler systems and drainage features and keep your green grass thriving. Relying on local rainfall and even distribution is a gamble and can lead to over-saturation in some sections of your yard, puddling and drought-like conditions in other sections of your property.

We are an NDS Certified Drainage Contractor with trained experts and equipment. We will assess your property to diagnose the problem areas and create a design plan for a new drainage installation solution. 

Landscapes by Tidwell installs complete irrigation systems to keep your yard watered. Spend your weekends enjoying your yard instead of dragging the hose around. We use temperature and rainfall stats to design the perfect irrigation system for your property to save you water. Our sprinkler systems are installed to be fully-integrated in your lawn so that they are hidden from view and keep your lawn looking beautiful.

Keep your outdoor area properly hydrated and lush. We can customize your sprinkler system based on your property and yard needs and desired look.

Contact Justin directly at 615-943-8334 to get a custom quote for a complete irrigation system or irrigation replacement system for your property.